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The Problem

Lack of updated information on startups

Startups want to get funding, but don't bother to update their online profiles nor share updated information about their activity.

Why? investing effort to update information on existing platforms is not cost-effective, as there is no compensation and this effort is unlikely to attract investors. 

Investors want to know more, but the information is outdated, so no-one relies on it.

This ensures that startups have no incentive to update their profiles.

This is a classic vicious cycle

Online profiles don't attract investors

Startups lack incentives to share updated information

Startups' online profiles are outdated

Investors know it's useless to rely on online profiles

In other words - this is a story of a market failure due to bad incentives​


The Solution

An incentivized market intelligence platform

Crowdsourced rating

Startups continuously share information, which is rated by investors/analysts.

This creates a crowdsourced rating system, which generates new information.

Financial rewards

Our SRCE tokens are distributed to users as a financial reward for their activity.

For the first time, the effort of startups is directly compensated.

Proper Incentives

A higher ranking yields more tokens, so sharing updated information becomes profitable.

Ranking is also incentivized, which encourages accurate predictions. 


How does it work?

Our market intelligence platform financially incentivizes founders, analysts and investors to share knowledge, analyze data, rank content and connect.

Users open an account on the platform

Every month, an algorithm compares the ranking

Rankers are rewarded according to their prediction's accuracy

Startups upload pitchdecks, share updates etc.

SRCE tokens are distributed to community members

Tokens can be used to buy a subscription , or perform actions

Investors and analysts review and rank startups

Higher ranking yields more tokens to the ranked startup

Financial incentives lead to community growth 

Meet the team

Dr. Roee Sarel

Co-founder & CEO

Lecturer and post-doctoral researcher in Law & Economics. Phd in Economics (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management),  MBA & LL.B (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Israeli Lawyer (former Litigation and Banking Associate at Yigal Arnon & Co.).

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Ringaile Valiaugaite

Co-founder & CTO

Senior Software Engineer & Blockchain developer, specializing in Java / Backend / Spring / Solidity. Bachelor & Master in Software Engineering (Free University of Bolzano). Receiver of CodeDoor Blockchain nano-degree scholarship. Former IT consultant at CGI.  

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